About Us

Hello! We are CB and Louise Harding. We both work in the film and TV business; CB is a director and I am a costume designer. CB started growing chilis in our back yard in the Hollywood hills. Pretty soon he was experimenting making hot sauce. Well, let’s  just say he became obsessed. I came home one day and started coughing and spluttering from the fumes coming out of the kitchen as he brewed some chili concoction like a nutty professor. I thought he’d gone mad. But CB, being the perfectionist that he is, persisted, although I made him take it outside to protect our lungs!

We got a small local farm plot (yes, there are farm plots in LaLa Land!) and grew tabasco chilis. The  first batch of Hollywood Hot was harvested and aged in oak whisky barrels. It became our 2015 vintage.  In 2016 we started growing in Ventura, California with Terry Farms, a three generation family owned business.  Each year Hollywood Hot, like a fine wine, will taste slightly different, due to the growing conditions, the different oak barrels and aging process. The  use of Tabasco chilis also makes us unique (well there is that other famous company – but theirs is mostly vinegar. Ours is not). Most hot sauce companies simply buy chilis or slap their names on a pre-made recipe. Not us. We grow from scratch. Plus we are fully sustainable. After the hot sauce is extracted from the chilis, the leftover mash is toasted and ground to make Hollywood Hot Shake, which is beyond delish on everything you would normally use chili flakes on.
Hollywood Hot is a true American artisan hot sauce company, made with love and passion. We hope you enjoy.




Are You Hollywood Hot?