Louise & CB Harding

 Started growing chilis in their back yard in Hollywood. CB became so obsessed with learning about and growing chilis they rented a community plot  nearby - Yes! There are actual farms in La La Land! After the first harvest they rented a field at a large farm in Oxnard, CA. That’s when they felt they were on their way. The first crop became their 2016 vintage. They are now selling the 2018 vintage. 

Each vintage is different - Hollywood Hot is like a winery - only a lot spicier! 🌶

Unlike most other brands who simply buy chilis or recipes for hot sauce on the open market, CB and Louise grow from seeds. They started growing Tabasco peppers, an arduous process as it has to be harvested by hand. CB loves this chili because it’s moist, hot, has to to be picked and processed immediately and it can’t dry out like other peppers. 

CB developed a propriety method of aging the peppers in Napa Oak barrels for over a year, which gave the peppers a smoky, delicious aroma. 

After the sauce is extracted, the left over mash is then toasted and ground to make Hollywood Hot Shake. There is nothing like it on the market, fragrant, smoky and flowery, it can be sprinkled on anything...even ice cream! 🌶

Stay home, stay safe and get your hot on!

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